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Encouraging New Readers!

Written By: nbriggs - Mar• 31•16

books1Tablets, kindles and nooks and even our smart phones are some of the devices we now choose to read books. They are called EZ-readers, but I still love having a real book in my hands. I love the feel, the smell and just the entire experience of sitting down, relaxing with the good book.

It is time to redo the library window again and we are exploring different
ideas to encourage patrons and community members to come on in and check out a book.
In the last few months we have purchased some great new books to add to our collection. This week I found some great new reads that will be on our shelves as soon as I am able to process them.
Speaking of shelves, we are running out of shelf space, and can’t wait until we are able to move into our new building with all the new shelving. We have a new mobile shelving unit that should be arriving soon. Just in time to fill up with some of those great new books.
Watch for the new window display—it may just surprise you!

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