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Coming Along!

Written By: nbriggs - Nov• 14•16


Just stopped in to check on the progress of the new library building. One of the construction team said, “It’s Coming Along.” Yes It is! There are new changes everyday now. The siding is up and it looks awesome.  The sheet rock is almost ready for painting, and soon the electric and plumbing fixtures will be installed. It all takes time, but I am amazed how quickly it is progressing. It won’t be long before we are in our new building and unpacking.
Speaking of unpacking—the library has boxes everywhere. We are sorting, cataloging, discarding and packing books of all kinds.  Our plan is to have everything boxed and ready when they give us the go ahead. Right now we are looking at the middle of December for the final walk through. Then the fun begins!
We are hoping the move goes smoothly–and that we have good weather and volunteers to get us from here to there.

If everything goes as planned—watch for our Open House around the middle of January 2017.

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