Walthill Public Library

Settled In

Written By: nbriggs - Oct• 23•17

Moving to a new library has been such a huge undertaking.  I think we are close to being settled in now, and I am beginning to think about the holiday seasons and decorating the new windows and display areas. I guess that officially means we are settled in.

The new meeting room is finished, and I just need to add a nice buffet for coffee and snacks and some pictures and canvas paintings on the walls, and the room will be perfect!

We were donated a large artificial tree from the American Legion Post #89. We are so thankful and thrilled. We now have room for a large tree in the new larger library.

As I look out the window, I can see the Walthill Park and the leaves blowing off the trees. October is community month, and the village held another town clean-up weekend.  Last week some of our youth picked up garbage in hopes of making a Trash Monster.  We will see–if we get it finished or not, but I’m proud of the boys who participated in helping clean up the community.  Here are some photos of the trash they collected.

Yes, we are settled in and waiting for our next exciting project at the Walthill Public Library!

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