Wisner Library

Wisner Public Library
1015 Avenue E
PO Box 547
Wisner, NE 68791-0547

Director: Carol Duncan

E-mail: director324@hotmail.com

Phone: 402-529-6018
Fax: 402-529-6018

Directions: When traveling northwest on Hwy 275 (Avenue E), the library is on the left side of the street between 10th and 11th Street.


Board Members

Jackie Schultz – Board President
Cheryl Borgelt
Gladys Huettmann
Jenny McCarthy
Helen Moeller

Board meetings are held monthly at the library.


Mission Statement

The Wisner Public Library exists to provide educational, social and cultural opportunities for its patrons. In fulfilling our mission, the Wisner Public Library strives at all times to provide excellence in customer service. Hospitable, educated and knowledgeable staff assist patrons in finding the materials and services they want and need.


The Wisner Public Library was formed in July, 1903, through efforts of the Wisner Women’s Club. Prior to that date, the State Librarian’s Supervision served the community. In February, 1918, the library was in the old pumping station located on railroad property and was rented from the railroad company. The present library building was built in 1897. The building was the original site of the Wisner State Bank in the early 1900s. Mr. Raymond Johnson purchased the building in 1934. It was later acquired by Bruce Emley. For some years it served as the Wisner Post Office. In December 1952, Mr. Emley donated the building to the City of Wisner to serve as a library in memory of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Emley.

Jessie Kay served as librarian until 1932. Clare Nickelson was then appointed and served until 1944. Following Clara was Rosa Armstrong who served as head librarian for 16 years. On December 12, 1959, M. Frances Gross became the head librarian. Following her, Della Chittenden served for 8 years. Bernice Grothe succeeded Delta in 1978. Carol Duncan is currently the director and has been since 1996.