Western Library System Scholarship Application

  The Western Library System has established a scholarship fund to facilitate the professional development of librarians within the system. Librarians, Media Specialists, and those connected with member agencies within the System may use these monies for attendance at professional meetings, classes, workshops, or other beneficial academic activities. Provisions of the Scholarship include:

1. Each applicant must submit an application letter and form any time prior to or two weeks after the event for which the scholarship is intended. 2. The Scholarship Committee will review each application received. 3. The Scholarship Committee has the right to adjust the amount requested depending on the budget and the number of applications received during the fiscal year. 4. Scholarships will be evaluated on a first-come, first-serve basis. 5. Priority will be given to those events within the state. 6. Individual applicants will be limited to requesting scholarships once in a three-year period. 7. Budget, event, amount requested, and the number of applicants will dictate approval or denial of the  scholarship requests. More than one scholarship request from the same library agency during a two-year period will need to be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee. 8. Scholarship recipients are requested to provide a brief article in the System Newsletter as a form of   resource sharing within one month of completion of the activity. The article is submitted to the WLS office.

Scholarship Committee Western Library System 115 Railway Street Scottsbluff, NE 69361________________________________________________________________

Western Library System Scholarship Application



Complete Address:_______________________________________________________


Scholarship Activity:_______________________________________________________

Requested Amount:_______________________________________________________


Please describe the activity, why you want to attend this activity, and how it will  contribute to your professional growth. Be as specific as possible with the date, location, and function of the activity.


Revised 9-14-2012


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