According to the WLS Policies & Procedures; WLS Pol & Prec- 2015 the following Standing Committees will be formed and organized annually following the WLS annual meeting.  Each committee will be comprised of a minimum of two persons and may include librarians, trustees and other interested citizens from the region.  Each committee will be chaired and co-chaired by a WLS Board member with the WLS President serving on each committee as an ex-officio member.  Committees will report their nominations, recommendations and actions to the System Board in person or in writing at each system board meeting.

Committee activities will help accomplish the long-range goals of the system service plan.  The committees will gather feedback for evaluation and assistance for the next year’s committees.  The committee chairs will compile evaluation results to be filed at the System office.  These results will be distributed to the Board and committee members.

Committees will be governed by the Committee Code of Conduct (P & P Appendix B).  In the event of conflict within a committee, the Chair and Co-Chair will consult with the President first for guidance and if necessary, the System Board for final resolution recommendations.

Committee members are recruited and chosen by the committee Chair and Co-chair as needed. Indivduals interested in serving on a committee should contact the committee chair(s) directly through their e-mail links below, or by leaving a message at the WLS office.


This committee will plan speakers, activities, and work with the President to develop an agenda for the WLS Annual Meeting, which will be held each year in July.
This committee will work closely with WLS Coordinator and staff to develop, evaluate, and keep current the WLS Technology Plan as filed with the Nebraska Library Commission. The Tech Committee will also advise and make recommendations to the System Board any technological advancements that may affect and/or benefit the entire WLS library community.
This committee will implement long-range marketing goals and programs for WLS and system libraries. This committee traditionally organizes the bi-annual author tour among other things.
This committee will work with the WLS staff to recruit potential board members and will supervise the nominating and election process.
The committee is also responsible for presenting a slate of officers for consideration by the Board by the May meeting.
This committee will receive and review scholarship applications that come into the WLS Office. The committee will collectively decide on how to distribute their committee funds without consulting the WLS Board unless a conflict arises.
The committee will also solicit award recommendation letters and decide on the annual award winners which will be announced at the WLS annual meeting. The committee will, at their discretion, decide on the type of award, if any, to be presented. 









The System Board may create ad hoc committees for any specific purpose relating to the System’s programs. The Board will, at the time of creation, direct a charge to the committee and set a time limit not to exceed two years.