This month I am very pleased to introduce you to two new employees here at Kilgore Memorial Library.



calebCaleb Groves joins our staff filling one of our new positions as Social Media Coordinator. Caleb is from Blue Hill, Nebraska and a graduate of Hastings College. He also works at the York News Times as a graphic designer. Caleb is a talented artist and in his spare time he enjoys making paper illustrations. One of his creations has been selected to appear in the book 20 Years of Tomb Raider by Meagan Marie.










Maegan Detlefs fills our second new position as Social Media Coordinator. Maegan is from Spearfish, South Dakota and a graduate of York College. She 11265405_10203920960973915_2998832321556277339_nalso works at York College as an Event Coordinator. She and her husband, Stephen, have two adorable dogs (Pixel and Maybe). Maegan enjoys singing, theater, and writing, 11542116_10203918906682559_5463767135464140912_nis obsessed with the hit musical Hamilton and has seen every episode of the Gilmore Girls at least five times.






Welcome Caleb and Maegan! We are excited to have you join our Staff!!



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