We are Re-designing our Website!

Please bear with us while we put the finishing touches on our new website! Everything from the old site is here, it just looks a little different. We plan to make many improvements to content and your experience as you come to this site for your information needs. This re-design has been in the works for a very long time. Almost two years ago someone asked me if there were plans for a new library website. After that I noticed that there were more questions than usual about services that I thought were explained on our website. Most recently, things have just stopped working. All indications that our website needed attention.

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Our website, along with about 120 other public library websites in Nebraska, is hosted, for free, by the Nebraska Library Commission’s Nebraska Libraries on the Web Project. This gives us access to the State Library’s Technology Innovation Librarian who guides and assists us as needed. The Library Commission staff also maintains the server that houses our website content, runs nightly backups of our content, keeps the software up to date and installs additional features for our site. Using this service also gives us 120 other libraries to learn from when we are working on our website. Networking is one of the best tools I have found for most projects and this one was no different.

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New web design tools have become so easy to use yet, I still found myself struggling with layout and design for our new site. I wanted the new site to be easy to use, informative, helpful, responsive, colorful, interesting, mobile, fun, and modern. But mostly, I wanted it to be pretty. I could not do it. During the pandemic, while the library was closed, I started to update the old site’s content to help our users the best way I could while the physical library was not available. Just when I had given up on the dream of a new design for our website I had the opportunity to hire two new employees at the library. Enter the new library heroes, Tyler Nelsen and Janey Due. Both started working part time at Kilgore Memorial Library on October 1, 2020. They have been in the trenches at the front desk learning the nuances of everything needed to serve our patrons at the main desk. Every minute of down time they can find they have also worked on this website. Tyler is using his skills from Central Community College’s Web Design and Development degree and Janey has put her new skills in Graphic Design from Doane College to work. Turns out that is what it takes to design a new website — a great library team!

2 thoughts on “We are Re-designing our Website!”

  1. It would be wonderful if the new design offered a button to login! It’s silly that you have to search for a book before the login button comes up. Sometimes I just want to check my account, so I search random words to get to the login page.

    1. Thank you, Amber! This is exactly the type of feedback we need. Watch for this feature to be added soon and let us know if it is what you need.

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