Mission and Goals

Kilgore Memorial Library Policy Manual

The Mission of Kilgore Memorial Library is to provide resources, educational workshops, and community events to ensure that citizens can recall yesterday, inform today, and inspire tomorrow.

Specifically, we will provide:

  • Friendly knowledgeable staff capable of assisting patrons to meet their information needs.
  • Environments, physical and digital, where patrons can access and locate available resources.
  • Collections in formats that met the information needs of our patrons.
  • Workshops that deliver continuous learning for citizens of all ages.
  • Events that offer opportunities to recall, inform, and inspire for those who attend.

Goals set in our 2016 – 2019 Strategic Planning Document include:

  1. Identify and develop evidenced-based programs and services that support community needs.
  2. Promote library resources and programs to citizens and regional service providers through online and print media outlets.
  3. Explore methods to expand staff for offering new evidence-based programs from the library through volunteers, interns, and partnerships.


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