Night Time Storytime

Families with young children are invited to join us for an evening of bedtime stories and activities. Night Time Storytime is a quieter, calmer, slower paced sharing time, meant to help “wind down” from the day and get children ready for a good night’s rest. Activities will include simple relaxation exercises, easy bedtime math, and helpful ideas to make bedtime fore fun and successful. Children may attend in their pajamas!

No registration is necessary, but if you are bringing more than five children, please let Mrs. A know to ensure we have enough craft materials.

Questions? please talk to Mrs. A at the library 402-363-2622 or email her at

Night Time Storytime 2018 Fall Schedule – Tuesday Evenings at 6:30 pm

September 18th: Moon Light

October 2nd: Counting Sheep

October 16th: Just Can’t Sleep

October 30th: Stretch and Yawn

November 27th: Bedtime Stories

December 4th: Say Goodnight

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