Agenda for Library Board Meeting


April 13, 2022 at 5 p.m.


1.         Call meeting to order

2.         Give notice on the posting of the Nebraska Open Meeting Act

3.         Roll call

4.         Approve minutes

5.         Approve claims for payment

6.         Monthly Library Report/List of Titles Purchased

7.         Grant Updates

            a.         Youth Grant for Excellence    

                        1.         Purchases completed

                        2.         Open House on 4-17-22

                        3.         Mondays from 4-5 p.m. set as S.T.E.M. Time

            b.         Library Improvement Grant

                        1.         Purchases completed

                        2.         Plan for Open House/Sign people up for one-on-one training

            c.         Formula Grant

                        1.         Still working on purchases

            d.         $500 Teacher’s Grant awarded for S.T.E.M. items

8.         National Library Week:  April 4-9th 

9.         Summer Reading Program

10.       NebraskAccess Password

11.       OverDrive

            a.         Discontinuing the OverDrive app

            b.         Transition to Libby app

            c.         Survey questions for the public on Overdrive website

12.       Upcoming Displays/Exhibits

            a.         Ainsworth Art Guilds Spring Show-April 8-30th

            b.         Bright Horizons Display-April 11-16th

13.       Cleaning Position

14.       Public Librarian Certification renewed for Wanda Raymond to 3-23-2025

15.       Start work on Budget for 2022-2023

16.       Meetings/Workshop

            a.         Director’s Thursday Zoom Meetings:  March 10th, 17th, and 31st

            b.         Aquatic WILD-March 8

            c.         NCompass Live

                        1.         Importance of Chit Chat in the Library March 9th

                        2.         If You Build It They Will Come -March 15th

            d.         Transitioning to Libby March 15th

            e.         Nebraska 4H S.T.E.M. Reading Connections Workshop-March 13th

            f.          Nebraska State  Advisory Council on Libraries  March 18th

            g.         City Safety Meeting -March 31st

            h.         How to Train Your Community on Libby-April 7th

            i.          Reluctant Readers Workshop-April 21st Zoom

            j.          Golden Sower Reading Day-June 3rd-Kearney

            k.         Games People Play-June 16th-Hastings

17.       Correspondence

            a.         Items of interest from Library newsletters/journals

18.       Set next meeting date/time

19.       Adjournment

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