Summer Reading AR Testing Reminders

Summer Reading is in full swing, and with participants coming in to take their tests, I thought I would post a few reminders:

  • Deadline for children to meet their reading goal is Friday, July 8th at 4:30 p.m. We will not be testing any students after this time. If there is a waiting list for testing, children are only allowed to take two tests. Don’t wait until the last minute!There will be no gaurantee that your child will be able to make it onto a computer for testing during the last week, as we are anticipating the testing lab to be very busy!
  • Children must read books that are at or above their set reading level. It is your responsibility to make sure all tests that your child completes are at or above their set level. The level can be found in our catalog at, on, and printed on the test reports. At the end of the program, any points from tests that do not meet specifications will not count towards their goal. If testing has closed, they will not be able to take a new test to make up the points.
  • Children must pass with an 80% or higher for tests to count towards their goal. The reports that are printed will automatically count any tests with a 60% or better score, but we will only count tests that are 80% or higher. To calculate their points, only add up the tests that are 80% or higher.

We strongly encourage you to bring in your summer reading folders for library staff to calculate the child’s progress.

So far the program has been running smoothly. Through our partnership with the schools, we are thrilled to be able to extend this opportunity for the children to return to school prepared and ready to continue reading. We thank all who are participating, and if you have any questions about the program, we’ll be happy to help!

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