Financial Planning & Online Banking

What is Online Banking? Is it safe?

What is Online Banking (The Balance): Learn what online banking is, pros and cons to using online services, and how to open an online account.

How to Keep Your Information Safe When Online Banking (US News): Tips for proper security and best practices in online banking.

Best Security Tips for Mobile Banking (The Balance): Tips to stay safe while banking on the go. This list could easily be adapted into an infographic.

Contact your local bank for more details and online banking offered by your local branch.

Budget Using Online Tools

Create a Budget in Google Sheets (Grow With Google): Use video tutorials to learn how to make good financial decisions and build a budget using Google Sheets.


10 Simple & Free Budgeting Tools (U.S. News): Explore the best ways to track spending and build a better budget. 


How to Create a Budget Using Mint (Mint): Use this app to build a budget and track spending.

The Best Personal Finance & Budgeting Spreadsheets (The Balance): Find a budget spreadsheet template that works for you. There are options for Excel or Google Sheets.

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