Welcome to Read Squared

We’re excited for our patrons to be part of something brand new! Welcome to Read Squared. This is an online format for people to register their reading minutes/books for our summer reading program. No more keeping track of folders and papers (but if you prefer paper reading logs, we can make that happen). Once you are registered, your information can carry over to any reading program we offer

How does is work? Using any web browser on your computer, phone or tablet go to: http://arapahoelibrary.readsquared.com

Register your family online and begin tracking your reading. You can enter minutes for an entire family at one time. Adults and Teens can register for their own unique programs. Each participant will earn reading badges, unlock games and earn prizes as they keep reading this summer. This is brand new to our library and our staff will be learning alongside our patrons-please bear with us as we navigate through this process!

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