Arapahoe Gala 2021

On April 24th 2021,  the 3rd Annual Arapahoe Gala was held, with the proceeds going to the Arapahoe Public Library Foundation.

For more updates on the in-person gala event, please keep an eye on the Arapahoe Gala Facebook page!

We would love to feature your business or service at this year’s event! Each donor to the gala will be featured on our Arapahoe Gala Facebook page and in our Donor’s Booklet that is given to each guest. We expect 200 plus guests to attend again this year! Call us at 308-962-7806 or mail this form to: Arapahoe Gala, PO Box 598, Arapahoe NE 68922.

Please state your name(s) as preferred for recognition:

Business Name:__________________________________­­­­______________________

MAILING address (PO Box) : ________________________________    ________________________________________________­­­­­________

Phone number: ______________________________ 

Email: ___________________________________

Cash donation:  These contributions are used to underwrite auction packages. All monetary donors will be recognized at these supporter levels:

Supporter: $25-249       Bronze: $250-499          Silver: $500-999        

Gold: $1,000+          Premier: $2,000+

  Donation amount: $________________   Check number: ________________   Cash:

        Donated item description:  For example-handcrafted from reclaimed wood etc. (Please include specific dates, inclusions, and exclusions, or expiration dates, if applicable.)



Donated item’s stated value: $ __________________

Signature of Donor (or written name of contact):  ___________________________  Date:  __________

Please make checks to the Arapahoe Public Library Foundation. Mail to Arapahoe Public Library Foundation, PO Box 598, Arapahoe NE 68922             

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