Giving for the future…

A permanent display of donors will be housed in the renovated public library. If you donated to our cause in 2018/2019, any additional donations made will be added to your prior gift.  Your financial support is tax deductible within the limits established by the IRS.


Please accept my donation in the amount of:

_____Friend up to $100                _____Silver $250

_____Gold $500                       _____Platinum $1,000 and above

_____Diamond $5,000               _____Legacy $10,000

*Checks may be made payable to the Arapahoe Public Library Foundation



City ____________________  State_____  Zip _________________

Phone ___________________________________

Email _____________________________________

_____ Please list my contribution as ANONYMOUS

Please mail donations to:  Arapahoe Public Library Foundation, PO Box 598, Arapahoe NE 68922                                             

Questions:  308-962-7806 or

If you would like to donate books or other items to the library, please contact us at 308-962-7806.

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