Looking for Your Next Book to Read

Have you finished a book and then had no idea what to read next? Do you want to know what else an author has written? Here are some resources to help you find that next book.

Complete Connection
Sign in using your Nebraska Drivers Licence and from there you can click on Fiction Connection, Non-Fiction Connection or just perform a search. Which ever one you use just search for your favorite book or author and you will get a list of books. You can click on an author’s name and a list of books she has written will appear.
By clicking on “Find Similar” next to a book you will get a list of books, which have have certain similarities to that book. Don’t be discouraged if it lists books by the same author keep scrolling and you will find other authors. Clicking on a title will regularly give you a summary and book reviews

If you want to do a quick search for similar authors, Literature Map is a great tool. Just type in an author’s name and you will get a cloud of names. The name you searched will be in the center of the cloud and with the names of other authors floating around it. The names closest to the center are the authors you are most likely to enjoy. Unfortunatly, you won’t get a list of books.

Just type a book or author’s name at this site and you will have a list of recommended books. If you click on the Info/Buy link you will be taken to Amazon, where you can read user reviews.

Please keep in mind that all the site above are not perfectly able to find all the books you might like. They chose similar books and authors based on what the books are about and what other people like to read. Feel free to ask library staff as

If you just want to know everything an author has written or figure out which books are part of a series and in what order, I find two of the best sites are the author’s website or Wikipedia. They aren’t always great, but if one isn’t helpful the other often is.

Here are links to just a few author sites or Wikipedia entries you might find useful.

Janet Evanovich
John Grisham
Debbie Macomber
Linda Lael Miller
James Patterson
Jesse Stone(Robert B. Parker Character)


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