Interlibrary Loan Policy

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) offers Library customers the opportunity to request and receive books that are not owned by the Blair Public Library (BPL). Through ILL, you have access to the circulating book collections of all the library systems in Nebraska, as well as universities and public library systems throughout the United States.  Patron’s account must be in good standing prior to placing an ILL request and prior to receiving an ILL request.

ILL services are available to anyone holding a valid BPL card in good standing. Requests for books can be placed with the Circulation Desk.  Patrons may  contact BPL by phone, through their online account, fax or email. Each patron may have a total of five (5) requests outstanding (at any stage of the ILL process: checked out, requested, in transit, etc.) at one time.  The patron will be contacted when the material is available for pickup. If you have questions about your ILL request once it has been placed, please call BPL at (402) 426-3617.  Exceptions to this rule may be granted by the Director at his/her discretion.

Any item received via ILL service is subject to the same fees/fines placed on similar items owned by BPL. In addition, libraries which loan material to BPL may place conditional fines/fees on loaned items.  Borrower is responsible for conditional fines/fees. Borrower must be willing to pay postage rates if applicable. If a book is requested, but not picked up from the library upon notification of its arrival, the postage will be charged as a fine to the borrower’s account.

Material Which May Not Be Requested through ILL

  1. Items currently owned by Blair Public Library
  2. Newly published materials (materials less than one year old)*
    * (this is waived for book clubs requesting book kits)

Restricted Materials

Most materials acquired through ILL may be circulated. Occasionally the materials you request may be designated by the lending library as restricted. This means that this material must be used in the library and cannot be checked out. You can however, use the material in the library. When you receive the restricted materials, you will be asked to relinquish some form of identification. This identification will be held until you return the material to the desk.

Renewal of Materials

The renewal of ILL material is dependent upon the restrictions set by the lending library. If a renewal is desired, you must contact BPL by calling (402) 426-3617, at least three working days before the material is due. Fines will be incurred for overdue materials. Overdue materials can not be renewed.

Returning Materials

ILL material can be returned to the library’s circulation desk or through the drop box.

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