Meeting Room Policy/Guidelines

Policies and Procedures for the Blair Public Library & Technology Center and Reserving and Rental of the Meeting Room Facilities

The intent is that this policy shall govern the Charges for the Blair Public Library & Technology Center (“Library”) and charges and use of the meeting rooms and conference room.

The library is alcohol free. Any one possessing or consuming alcohol in the parking lot or building shall be prosecuted per the City of Blair municipal code

The Library facility is tobacco free.

All guns and/or weapons of any kind shall be prohibited in the Library, including Concealed and Open carry, except of duly sworn law enforcement officers. The Library meeting and conference rooms may be reserved by paying the fees as outlined in the attached Exhibit A. Reservations shall be limited to one year, 365 days, in advance except for the use by the Library or by City Hall.  The library reserves the right to revoke permission to use any meeting room to any individual, group, or organization which violates or refuses to comply with the rules and regulations established for use of the meeting rooms.

General Guidelines:

  1. Reservations are made by contacting the library at 402-426-3617.  Events may be scheduled up to one year (365 days) in advance. Reservations must be made during regular Library business hours. Reservations made less than three days in advance may result in room dividers not being able to be installed.   The meeting rooms are also available after regular library hours.
  2. Any special table or seating arrangements shall be the responsibility of the group using the meeting room.  When scheduling, allow extra time for setting up before the meeting and cleaning up at the end of the meeting.
  3. Neither the library nor its employees shall assume responsibility for any property of groups, individuals or organizations.  The library will not store any property before meetings, and at the end of any meeting, an organization’s property must be removed from the library.
  4. Groups may arrange to use library audio/visual equipment as needed.  However, no one shall operate library equipment unless they are properly trained.  This may require that a member of the group make an appointment with a library staff member prior to the meeting to receive training.  Staff cannot guarantee that personal electronic items will work with library audio/visual equipment.
  5. The meeting room capacity may not exceed the capacity set by the Fire Marshall.  Please inquire with library staff for acceptable capacity.  Room capacities are also posted at each doorway.
  6. The warming kitchen is available for use by all rooms.  If more than one group requires use of the kitchen, please share nicely.  Do not leave personal belongings in the kitchen.Food and beverages may be served.  The oven and microwaves are available for use and the refrigerator may be used for temporary storage only.  All other items are for library use only.   Certain other items may be used with permission of library staff.  All other equipment is the responsibly of the group hosting the meeting.  Please keep all food and drinks inside the meeting space.
  7. To allow for possible multiple bookings per day, rentals must be held to time frames booked and paid for in advance.

Exhibit A – Library Fees and Charges

All fees and cleaning deposits shall be paid at time of reservation or not later than two weeks (14 calendar days) before scheduled reservation. Failure to make such payment in advance may lead to forfeiture of reservation. All rental fees shall be forfeited unless canceled seven (7) calendar days in advance of the reservation date. Required deposit(s) shall be returned unless Key is not returned by the start of the first business day following the rental or if the facility is not cleaned up as it existed prior to the rental.

Patron/Users Room Fee Cleaning Deposit         (Refundable)
Non-Profit Groups (defined as literacy oriented, 501(c )3, educational, governmental, or civic/community)  $0 $25.00
 For-Profit Groups $25.00 for the first 4 hours; $5.00 per each hour after (max. $50) $25.00
 Social Events (birthday parties, showers, etc. or Non-Profit groups hosting an event closed to the public or charging a fee)  $25.00 for the first 4 hours; $5.00 per each hour after (max. $50)  $25.00
 Both meeting rooms booked for Social Events or For-Profit groups  $50.00 for the first 4 hours; $10.00 per each hour after (max. $50)  $25.00


Thank you for using the Blair Public Library & Technology Center for your meeting needs.    Our rooms are available for reservation by calling the library at 402.426.3617.

CAPACITIES:          Conference Room:    12 people

Meeting Room 1:            133 people

Meeting Room 2:             133 people

Meeting Room 1 & 2 combined:  266

  1. When reserving meeting spaces, please add ½ hour before and after your meeting time for set up and clean up. The two meeting rooms are equipped with four round tables and six chairs at each table.  You may choose a different set up, but the original set up must be returned at the end of your meeting.  (Example:  is 2-5 pm; reserve 1:30-5:30 pm)  If you have booked a full day’s event and you wish to come in the night before to set up, please reserve the room for that time.  If you don’t, the staff cannot guarantee you access to the rooms.  There could be an additional rental charge for the additional time.
  2. Each meeting room is set up with projectors, sound system, and a Click Share technology that allows all computers to access the equipment. Additionally, the conference room is equipped for video conferencing.  If you need assistance with the room equipment, please come to the library, during regular business hours (M-F), at least one day prior to your meeting for instructions.
  3. You may cater in food for your meeting or occasion. The warming kitchen is available for usage by all three rooms, thus more than one group may use the kitchen at one time.   Please do not leave your personal belongings in the warming kitchen.  A dishwasher is available but speak with staff before using.    The kitchen door should remain closed at all times.
  4. Decorations are acceptable. No taping items or pounding of nails into the walls.  Please see library staff if there are any questions.
  5. The library requests, and expects, each group to clean the space they used, including the kitchen. Trash should be collected and deposited in the trash dumpster outside the secondary entrance door and across the parking lot. The room should be vacuumed.  Vacuums are in both the kitchen and the table storage area.  Cleaning includes, but is not limited to, wiping down of all used tables, cleaning the Marker boards, wiping down chairs, removal of trash and vacuuming.   The cleaning deposit will not be returned if these items are not completed.
  6. DO NOT move the center wall. Only city and trained staff may move the wall.  Special tools are needed, and the wall is heavy.  We want everyone safe!
  7. You are responsible for any damages.