Emergency Policy

Emergency Policy

It is the policy of the Broadwater Public Library to a safe and secure environment for all members of the community as well as the security of all Library property. It is the intent of the Library to implement appropriate emergency policies for unexpected events.

This policy will cover instances of damage to the physical Library, whether natural or human-caused, as well as to assist patrons in the event of accidents or someone coming to the Library in need of emergency help.

This policy is a guideline to address emergencies in classes. As emergencies are unforeseen and unexpected, no policy could hope to cover all possible emergencies.

I. Emergency or Damage to physical building

An emergency or damage may be obvious to staff when entering the building. In cases of an ongoing emergent situation, including but not limited to fire or burglary, the staff member will leave the premises immediately, and seek help from appropriate Emergency Services by dialing 911. The Village will be notified as well, either by contacting the Village Clerk or any of the Village Board of Trustees.

Under no circumstance are Library staff authorized or permitted to take personal risks to remediate such situations.

Damage to the facility that needs to be urgently addressed, but does not pose a risk to person will permit Library staff to either take immediate action to remedy the situation, or contact the Village Clerk or any Village trustee. Nonfunctioning items in the building will be brought to the attention of Village Maintenance Personnel, the Village Clerk, or any Village Trustee for action. Library staff may, at their discretion, remedy the situation based on the extent of the issue, its urgency, skill, ability, and what items are required. Anything so repaired will informally report the repair to Village Maintenance Personnel or the Village Clerk at the earliest convenience.

 II. Utility Outage 

Library staff may discover that utilities, including electricity, telephone, or internet are nonfunctional. If the outage is believed with the company providing such utilities, their infrastructure providing such utilities, staff is expected to contact the appropriate utility company.

In the event that water or heat is effected, the Library Staff will contact the Village Maintenance Personnel, Village Clerk, or Village water operator. This is essential in the event temperatures have any chance of getting below freezing in the building.

If in the opinion of the Library Director or Library Staff, the Library is not usable by patrons in such circumstance, it may be closed, and a sign of the Library closure and reason placed on the door.


III. Weather Emergencies

Weather emergencies, including snow, storms, severe cold may effect the ability of staff and patrons to get to the Library.

As a general rule, if the Bridgeport Public Schools are closed because of snow or severe cold, the Library will also be closed. In the event wind damages the Library, or such damage is noted, it will be handled as any other damage to the physical building, in section I above.


IV. Medical Emergencies

From time to time, medical emergencies and injuries may occur in the Library, or someone outside the Library may come to the Library seeking help.

In the case of minor emergencies, a stocked first-aid kit is available in the Library. Library staff are not trained in medicine, and are expected to have no more skill than is taught in a high school or Red Cross first-aid class. If in the opinion of the library staff, and the patron, and the patron’s parent or guardian if a minor, it can be fully addressed with only minimal skill and supplies, it will be so addressed.

In the case of major emergencies, or complex emergencies, or if so directed by a patron or guardian, emergency services may be summoned. First aid procedures may be started before emergency personnel arrive if the staff has training to be able to render any aid in these situations to the best of their ability and judgment. No one is authorized to render aid for which they do not have adequate training. In no event does the Library, Village or staff accept responsibility for payment for usage of such services.

This is covered by Nebraska statute 25-21,186


Emergency care at scene of emergency; persons relieved of civil liability, when.


No person who renders emergency care at the

scene of an accident or other emergency gratuitously, shall be

held liable for any civil damages as a result of any act or

omission by such person in rendering the emergency care or as a

result of any act or failure to act to provide or arrange for

medical treatment or care for the injured person.


Anyone coming to the Library when it is open is to be treated like any other Patron, whether or not they seek to use any other Library services.

V. Personnel Emergencies

Personnel may have emergencies which happen to them, including injury, hospitalization, illness, or other things which prevent them from opening or operating the Library.

In such an event, the person involved, a family member, neighbor, or other person should notify the Library or a Library Board member of the situation, so arrangement can be made to keep the Library open for the duration. Additional or temporary staff may be hired if the expected duration is lengthy.

If injury occurs on the job, a report of the event must be made to the Village Clerk, including what action was taken or advised, for the purposes of potential Workers Compensation claims.


VI. Family Emergencies

Family emergencies may occur with Patrons or staff.

The policy of the Broadwater Public Library is to comply with the Family and Medical Leave act of 1993, as amended. In the event that a staff member has a family emergency which affects their ability to open or operate the Library, that staff member will notify other staff members and at least one Library Board member to arrange coverage for the Library to be open if at all possible. Such notification will be given before the event occurs, if it is anticipated or scheduled, and will be given as early as practical for unexpected emergencies. This is further covered in the Library Personnel Policy.

If the Library Staff is notified by telephone that a patron has a family emergency, the staff member who answers the telephone will attempt to locate the patron for notification, or inform the patron of the emergency.


VII.  Other Emergencies

All possible emergencies which Library staff or personnel may become aware of cannot be enumerated. In the event of any emergency which this policy does not explicitly cover, appropriate action is expected, including, but not limited to: Summoning Emergency Services, reporting observations or events to village or other emergency or government personnel, notifying affected people or parties, a limited amount of rendering aid as training, skill, and ability will allow, notifying Library and Village boards, employees, and staff.


Updated July, 2015

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