Learning Studio

Our library has been hosting the Nebraska Library Commission innovative studio temporarily for the last couple months. We have tried out the equipment and have found what we think will work for our library. We have also thought about how to best work with the space that we have.

What have we decided? We are going to move forward to make this studio space permanent! A makerspace for our patrons to build with legos, make projects with a laser cutter and learn together with others and more.

The temporary innovative studio equipment will leave on March 1st.  

After that we are going to:

  1. move the vent above the 3/4 wall to the north side.
  2. replace all the lights inside the library to LED.
  3. extend the 3/4 wall to the ceiling to enclose the studio room.
  4. replace the countertop over the cabinets in the studio
  5. Some other minor patches will need to be done.

Then, we will start setting up the studio.  I have graphed out the studio room and it will look like this:

I know this is a very rough draft but if you have any questions just ask.

We are purchasing 6 tables and 12 chairs for this studio. We will also purchase a Glowforge Pro and a 3Doodler Create+ Learning Pack – 12-Pen Kit. We also will have Legos and other building supplies in the rolling carts and a button making kit available for our patrons.

We are excited to set up this LEARNING STUDIO to provide a space at Butler Memorial Library to BUILD. MAKE. & LEARN.

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