Homeschool Geography Hour

Last year Abbie was able to set up a once a month Geography Hour for local homeschool families. This has been a great way to reach out to more of our patrons. Last month, we put together a meeting that the kids were able to make bookmarks with me. Abbie asked each child to think of a place they would like to visit and bring that idea with them. They each picked a different place or idea and we put an image to relate to their place on their laser cut bookmarks. A way for the kids to see how the laser cutter works!

The kids also were able to play with legos and to roam around the library and look at books. Abbie took some pictures of the kids in our library and these two are my favorite:

These pictures are a small view of what we are able to see when we have activities like this and we are grateful for each and every moment.

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