CCPL Approved as a FamilySearch Affiliate Library!

Have you ever wanted to research and explore your family’s history?
We’re excited to announce, that CCPL has just been approved as a FamilySearch Affiliate Library! 

The extension of this service to our library adds access to approximately 25 percent of the 1.5+ million rolls of microfilm already converted to FamilySearch’s digital images. This access, together with existing FamilySearch microfilm collections, enables affiliate libraries to be valuable providers of FamilySearch content.

FamilySearch Affiliate Library is available for in-library use only.
You can use any of our public computers OR bring your own device and connect it to our free WiFi.
Each user of FamilySearch will need to sign into FamilySearch with their own username/password to view the records from FamilySearch. There is not an institution or library account.

There are three levels of family search:
• The first level of accessibility of records through the FamilySearch website can be viewed by anyone that has an account with FamilySearch.
• ✨The second level of accessibility to records in FamilySearch are those restricted records ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE AFFILIATED LIBRARIES and the family history centers.✨
• The third and most restricted records are only available in the Church owned family history centers or the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.

FamilySearch is available alongside CCPL’s existing subscription access to another popular and valuable resource: Ancestry Library Edition.
Each of these useful tools provide our patrons with: FREE and VERY INFORMATIVE services, to help you along your family-search journey Both of these services are available for in-library use only.
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