Exciting Things are Happening at CCPL!

We’re REALLY EXCITED about what’s happening in the northeast corner of our lawn!

😲✅STEP 1 of our project began today, with the removal of our exterior sign.It was a bittersweet moment, when our 30 year old sign was knocked down. The sign has served us well over the years, by directing many people to our library.

✅STEPS to FOLLOW will include the addition of seating and lighting in this area. The addition of lighting will help ensure that our new sign is visible at night. The addition of seating will help to enhance the welcoming environment at our library.

✅The addition of a life-sized memorial piece (in memory of Patricia Campbell), is also currently in the works. Miss Pat gifted CCPL with $1,676,532.32 from her estate in 2020. This memorial piece will fit nicely in the area by our new sign.

We don’t want to ruin the surprise of what our new sign will look like and what the memorial piece will look like. However…. we couldn’t resist including a SNEAK PEEK at a small portion of the sign drawing. Also attached is a photo clue of what Miss Pat’s memorial piece is being created from.STAY TUNED for more updates to follow!🌟


CONGRATULATIONS to our Blind Date With a Book PRIZE WINNERS: Kathleen Griffith, Kelly Smithson, Lori Peters, Katie Lovejoy, and Cheyenne Veach!!😀🎉💜

Kathleen won a dinner for two and a bottle of wine from Prairie Creek Vineyards & Winery, Kelly won $50 in Bison Bucks, Lori won $10 in Bison Bucks & $10 in Taco John’s gift cards, Katy won $20 in Bison Bucks & $10 in Taco John’s gift cards, and Cheyenne Veach $10 in Bison Bucks and $10 in Taco John’s gift cards.

Thanks so much to everyone that participated! ✨A HUGE THANK-YOU goes out to Prairie Creek Vineyards & Winery, and Taco John’s for providing prizes for our drawing!!👍💙💚😊

According to the “Rate Your Date” slips, most of the “dates” with the books were enjoyed by the participants. 👏#BlindDateWithaBook #FebruaryatCCPL

Time is Running Out! Stop in to Pick Up Your BLIND DATE!

Wow! That’s How we Describe our Open House!

WOW is the word that we use to describe how our OPEN HOUSE last Friday went!
We were amazed not only by the turnout but also by the excitement and tremendous appreciation shown, by all those who attended!
THANK YOU to all of you that attended!
Also, a HUGE THANKS to all of our volunteers and our library board of trustee members that helped out (we couldn’t have done it without all of you)!
Last but not least, a BIG SHOUTOUT to our entire CCPL staff for going above and beyond to make sure that this was an event to remember!
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