Library Staff

Library Director – Domonique Harris
Library Assistant – Esther Jonas
Summer Reading Coordinator – Shirley Fylstra
Fill In Staff – Jennifer Fraiser-Davison
Summer Intern ’24 – Kinsley Seuferer

Library Board of Trustees

Meet every other month at 6:00pm

President: Jennifer Fraiser-Davison
Vice President: Kim Hudson
Secretary: Patty Kettlehut
Trustee: Jodi Sousek 
Trustee: Mary Mika

Friends of the Library

President: Lani Swanson
Courtney Barry
Treasurer: Shirley Fylstra
Member: Lisa Kaiser

Ceresco Community Library History

Our first library was a “van filled with books [either] given or purchased with donated funds”. “The initiative for a library for Ceresco came in the summer of 1976 from Mary Belle Beach who worked with a group of volunteers to establish Reading Inc.”

“On April 10, 1978, the Ceresco Village Board adopted an ordinance authorizing the creation of a Library Board and thus began its assumption of responsibility for the library.”

DID YOU KNOW… that the building the library now resides in used to be a Dentist’s Office?

Quotes from Marcia Pearson, published on April 20th, 1978 in an article in The News.