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End Of Summer Party


To attend the Party each child MUST have at least ONE reading log returned to the Library by Tuesday, August 7th.

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Please click on the picture below for more information on how to help us reach our goal for Story Hour 2016 and bring in some great performers!!!!Slogan

Community, Kids, Library Events

End Of Summer Results


1st place: Amy Praest with 48 sheets – she won a HUGE trophy
and 5 tickets to go Skate City

2nd Place: Dottie & Zoe Brodd with 17 sheets each – they won a
trophy and 5 passes to the West Point Movie Theatre

3rd Place: Lilly Praest, Toby Oelkers & Audrey Praest with 15
sheets each – they each won a trophy and a pizza

The Winner of the AMAZING Super Hero Quilt was Mia Pojar.

The Top Prize Winners were:

3rd Place Prize of 2 AMC movie Tickets and a Storm Chaser Ticket was Peyton Becker

2nd Place Prize of 4 Passes to the Lincoln Childrens Museum was Mia Pojar

1st Place Prize of 4 Tickets to the Henry Doorly Zoo was Toby Oelkers

Kids, Library Events

Summer Reading

WOW…..I am blown away by our readers this summer!!! 42 kids read a total of 265 sheets for a total of 2120 books!!!!!!! WAY TO GO!!!! 38 of those 42 enjoyed an awesome party last night with face painting, pizza, cookies, popcorn, pop, a movie and of course TONS of Prizes!!!

Kids, Library Events

Quilt Giveaway!!!!!

This super AWESOME quilt could be yours!!!!  Every time you hand in a reading sheet your name is entered to win this quilt, so the more sheets you hand in the more chances you have to win!!!  May the best reader win!!!!!


This quilt was made and donated by Lynn Mandel.