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Book Mark Contest

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Bookmark Contest 2014

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Kids, Library Events


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The first Story Hour for 2013 was a success.  35 children and 8 adults attended this week’s story hour about WORMS!!!  First, Jenny talked to the children about how story hour works, the reading program and about all the cool prizes that are going to be given out this summer!  Jenny then read the book “Yucky Worms” by Vivian French.  Lynn Oelkers treated the kids with a special song about worms, entitled “Everybody Hates Me”.    After all that, the children got to the fun stuff!  Kids ages 4-8 got crafty building a magnetic clothespin worm/Caterpillar, while the older kids ages 8-12 got dirty making worm farms.  When all cleanup was done the kids made fingerprint worm bookmarks.  Lastly, everyone headed outside to make yummy “dirt cups” with chocolate pudding, crushed oreo’s and gummy worms!


Next week our topic will be Dinosaurs/Fossils…..we will be making our own fossils and macaroni dinosaurs…You won’t want to miss this!!!!  Story Hour is held every Wednesday in June from 9:30-11:00.

Kids, Library Events

Book Mark Contest Winners Announced

Our book mark contest was a success with 179 bookmarks being entered into the contest.  The bookmarks have been judged and the winners are:


Kindergarten & Under

1st Place – Layci Kucera

2nd Place – Micaela Tornez

3rd Place – Ava Noyd



1st & 2nd Grade

1st Place – Emerson Ortmeier

2nd Place – Dax Doernemann

3rd Place – Ajay Personius


3rd & 4th Grade

1st Place – Ashlynn Throener

2nd Place – Colton Pruss

3rd Place – Brady Lund


5th & 6th Grade

1st Place – Alex Recker

2nd Place – Carter Throener

3rd Place – Jeremy Doernemann


7th Grade and Up

1st Place – Holly Tomcak

2nd Place – Echo Smith

3rd Place – Kassey Hurley


Kids, Library Events


Don’t forget to enter the Library’s book mark contest to help us celebrate National Library Week.  See the attached poster for details

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bookmark template for bookmark contest