Story time and Activity time

Myranda is finishing up. Today she had a story time at 1:00 with only 2 boys attending, but they had a good time.  She read If You Give a Moose a Muffin by Laura Numeroff.  The boys decorated a paper muffin and then ate blueberry muffins. They played a toss game, jumped in gunny sacks, and played with Play Dough.

At 3:00 she had six girls come for activity time.  They made Nebula Jars, tried hula hoops (Quinn is our expert) and then played a hula hoop game.  They also played the toss game.

Next week on Wednesday at 1:00 we will try one more story time. Maybe it is nap time but we will have a story for those who can stay awake!

On Thursday the 28 at 1:00 we will have an activity time for the boys. Pray for cooler weather because we want to do outdoor activities with the boys!  They have too much energy to stay inside!IMG_1166

Thursday’s Activities

On Thursday, July 7th Baily Carpenter came and did activities dealing with calories. First, they went outside and played knock the socks off of the towel. After they came back inside they split into three different groups and two of the groups got either raisins or m&m’s. They had to guess how many of each item there were to get to 100 calories. The third group saw how much of each of them there were to make the 100 calories. Next, the kids each got a folder and inside there were cards that had different foods on them with the number of calories. Each child got to choose different foods that added up to 250 calories that they would like for a snack. Baily read “My Big Brother”.

Story Time

IMG_1154On Wednesday, July 6th the children at story time made an octopus. Each child decorated tentacles that made up the eight legs. They got to choose what they wanted to do on their tentacles. After decorating the tentacles, the kids went outside to play tag. The book that was read was “Good Thing You’re Not an Octopus!” by Julie Markes.