BIG Punch in a Little Package!

Like “Doctor Who’s” Tardis, the Elmwood Public Library is so much bigger on the inside! That’s right. While our building may look tiny as you pass by on 4th Street, you’d be surprised at the number of media and services we offer!

Interlibrary Loan. Need a book, but we don’t have it on-site? We’ll borrow it from our collegues and they’ll mail it to us. Our patrons can borrow it for up to a month.

Technology Issues? We offer free WiFi, Network printing ($.25-$.75/sheet), desktop computers, photocopies, digital scanning services and more. Note that our WiFi signal reaches out several hundred yards from the building. So, in cases of emergency, you can park in front of the building and still access our signal!

Book Club. Once per month we choose a common novel to read. Copies are provided (free of charge) by the Nebraska Library Commission. Patrons are invited to the book discussion, but attendance is not required. Sometimes we just like to read and share ideas with our neighbors.

Digital Media. Read a book on your phone or iPad. Hundreds of thousands of online titles available. Magazines (US Weekly, New Yorker, National Geographic and more) children’s picture books, the newest John Grisham novel, they’re all at your fingertips . . . FOR FREE!

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