Genealogy Research Policy

Genealogy Research Policy

Hastings Memorial Library                                                                                             Genealogy Research Policy and Fee Schedule

The purpose of the Hastings Memorial Library’s Genealogy and Local History Collection is to provide access to the genealogical and local history materials the library has acquired.  The collection includes a seven volume indexed scrapbook of local history and events, several volumes of family history, many local and area histories, and other resources to numerous to list.

Library employees will assist patrons who come to the library for genealogical and local history research as time allows.  The employee will explain what is available in the collection, how to use the index, and explain photocopy and printer usage.  Employees can assist the patron in using library materials; however, library employees cannot do research or complete family trees for on-site patrons.  Research fees will not be charged to patrons who come into the library to request information, but any photocopies, etc… that are made will adhere to the fee schedule listed below.

Some requests for research assistance may originate with a phone call, email, or letter.  These requests have become more frequent and time consuming for staff.  This has necessitated the development of a fee schedule to handle these requests.  Library employees will provide quick lookups (less than 15 minutes) at no charge.  Any research beyond 15 minutes is subject to the fee schedule below.  Also, any requests for photocopies, etc… that come from the initial lookup will adhere to the fee schedule as well.

Due to limited staff time, extensive searches may take longer to complete.  Some requests may take weeks of research.  The library reserves the right to turn down requests that require in-depth research or completing a family tree and will encourage these patrons to make a research trip to the library if possible.

If the initial lookup determines more research is required, the patron will be advised of research fees and additional fees for copies, postage, etc… before additional research is completed.  Materials and research results will be delivered after final payment is received.

Checks may be sent to:                                                                                                                             Hastings Memorial Library                                                                                                       Attn: Genealogy                                                                                                                       PO Box 786                                                                                                                              Grant, NE 69140


Genealogy Research Fees

  • Photocopies: $.25 per page
  • Email PDF’s: $.10 per document
  • Photocopies/PDF’s from initial search: $1.00 (includes postage and copy/scan fees for 2 copies.  Additional copies billed at current per page rate.)
  • 30 minute search: $5.00 (includes postage and copy fees for up to 5 copies.  Additional copies billed at current per page rate.)
  • Over 30 minute search: $10.00 per hour (includes postage and copy fees for up to 5 copies.  Additional copies billed at current per page rate.)