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Check It Out . . . February 2013

Written By: Deb Lawson - Feb• 21•13

It’s wet in Hayes County!!!   It really is!!!  We’ve got snow and it’s still coming down!  Now if it will just stay where it has fallen and melt there, it will be of some help to this dry area of Nebraska.  The wind has produced some scenic snow patterns on roof overhangs and on window screens.  No doubt the snowfall is more attractive to those who don’t have to do the scooping, but I haven’t heard any complaints so far.  Remember the four day blizzards we used to get forty years ago?  Snow drifts over the barns and one way traffic over the hills for weeks once the roads were finally opened.  We’d have monopoly tournaments and hot cookies from the oven as soon as the electricity was restored.  Several days of no school!  No cell phones or i-pads to entertain us.  We had to actually talk to each other.  Oh, those were the days!

Life has changed in many ways since then, but one thing that hasn’t changed is my love of reading historical novels of romance or intrigue.  I will be forever indebted to my parents and teachers for opening up the world of imagination using the words of writers everywhere.  I give no apologies for my voracious reading habit.  And I also take great pleasure in witnessing my grandsons visit their library and enjoying the children’s books.  One thing they do that I don’t like to do is read a book twice, or three times or as many times as they can get Grandpa or Grandma to read it to them!  By the time the books go back to the library they can recite some of them verbatim.  Not me.  When I finish a book it goes back immediately so I can start another one.  Too many books and too little time left to need to read a book over again.

If you want to curl up with a book and a cup of your favorite beverage while you wait for the spring work to begin, come in, search the shelves and Check It Out. . .

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