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Check It Out . . . May 2013

Written By: Deb Lawson - May• 09•13

I’ve fallen behind and I can’t catch up!!!  The older I get the faster the time goes!  Maybe time really did drag back when I was in school.  I don’t get nearly as much done in a day as I used to.  Cleaning my home, doing laundry or yard work.  Doesn’t matter what chore I tackle – it takes longer!  I’m sure that means that time is moving at an increased rate of speed during the daylight hours!

On the other hand – while I’m looking forward to having my children and grandsons visit this summer, the weeks seems to drag by rather slowly.  They love coming ‘to Grandpa’s farm’ and helping Grandpa ‘work’.  They almost forget that Grandma’s here until they get hungry.  It’s a good thing I love to cook.   It’s also a good thing that my ‘girls’ enjoy helping out so I can just be Grandma for the day!  When they’ve all gone home, I’ll probably be exhausted.  But, it will be a good kind of exhausted.  And, the next day I’ll start looking forward all over again to the next time I get to see them.

While I’m waiting for my family to get here in July I’ll try to concentrate on just enjoying life each day, counting my blessings, working, digging in my flower garden, and thanking the Lord for my husband of 40 years.  I mustn’t yearn for the future in such a way that I miss the blessings of the present.

One of the blessings I enjoy is being able to immerse myself in a good book.  And, we have a great selection of books new to the library thanks to donations and great sales!  Don’t forget to come in and Check It Out. . .


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