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Check It Out . . . March 2014

Written By: Deb Lawson - Mar• 13•14

It’s nearly spring.  At least that’s what it feels like today.  The robins are singing, the P.E. classes and the track team are pounding the pavement around town, and I am ready to break out the light weight jackets and the flip-flops.  I can’t wait to start digging in the flower pots and opening the windows.  I’m going to have to wash a few windows as well.  Red has been fighting his image in the vehicle mirrors and picture window all winter.  No doubt Mr. Cardinal believes he is protecting Mrs. Red from interlopers.  Silly bird wastes a lot of energy, I think.  No other feathered competition around our place has the majestic coat that would attract a finicky female with an attitude.

I’ve been expending energy as well, but I’ve not been wasting it.   Processing books is a ‘fun’ chore.  Boxes of donated books and many new ones are now waiting on the shelves – waiting to be picked up with the hope of entertaining the next individual that wanders by.

If you are feeling the winter blahs (or are tired of the political ads already), there is something for you at the Hayes Center Library.  Come in and . . . Check It Out!

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