Statistics show that a majority of people in other countries learn 2-3 or more different languages.  In the U.S. only 9% of the population knows a second language.  The library is willing to offer the community access to an online language learning site if there is any community interest.  The Mango Learning Company provides online access to 33 different languages plus 15 English as a second language programs.  The languages offered include Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, German, and more.  There is unlimited access in the library or from your home as long as you are a library patron.  The lessons are shown with sounds, grammar, repetition and feedback.  There are also cultural notes that help understand how their language works in different situations.  Their goal is getting you to conversational language quickly, not just words and their meanings.  I did a trial on Japanese and German and was impressed.  Please let the library know if you are interested in this offering.

2 Responses to “Language Learning programs”

  • Sandy Harmon says:

    This is a wonderful idea Jan, we were just talking last night at the Weight Watchers meeting how tough it is for business owners to communicate with the spanish speaking citizens here. I will deffinately sign up.

  • Danessa says:

    I would be very interested. Great idea!