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For those of you who are staying in town, please visit the Holiday Extravaganza and the Library Board Bake Sale on Saturday.  The bake sale is sponsored by the Library Board, not the Friends of the Library.  However, the Friends are donating to the cause and the proceeds will go to the purchase of the New Microfilm Reader Printer.  The new machine will arrive in time to be a wonderful Christmas present for the library and the community.  Thank You in advance to all who are donating baked items and to all of you who buy the items.  And Saturday will be the last chance to buy raffle tickets on our four donated items with the drawing at 3:00 p.m.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.  It will be a quiet week at the Library because we will be closed Thursday through Sunday.  So, be sure to get in and get your books early and if you are traveling, be safe.  We have so much to be thankful for everyday.   I am thankful for this wonderful job as your library director and for the welcome I have received in this community.

Hurray!! Our library catalog is now available online.  You can search the holdings of the Kimball Public Library by going to this site:  Save it under your favorites and you won’t have to retype it each time.  Please keep in mind that we are still updating records to make them more complete and useful.  But this will tell you if we have the book and whether it is available or not.

Overdrive Downloadable Audio Books IS READY and working.  Let one of our staff know you want to try the service.   Your library card must be current and in good standing.  It is a simple matter for us to sign you up.  Easy 1-2-3 instructions are on a handy bookmark for your use.  This downloadable audiobook service is provided to Nebraskans through the Nebraska Library Commission and your local library.   Check it out at    There is a new tag on the right column of this home page.

It is only 2 short weeks before the drawing for the raffle items and a bake sale at the Holiday Extravaganza at the Kimball Event Center.  The Holiday Extravaganza is from 10:00 am until 4:00 p.m. and the drawings will be at 3:00.  Raffle tickets are available at the library, at Bemis Drug, from library board members and will be available that day.  If you can provide a baked item for the sale or help purchase an item, we would greatly appreciate it.  The proceeds will be used to help purchase the new Microfilm Reader Printer and Scanner.  After the new machine arrives, we will tell you about the features that will be available to the public.    The Microfilm Reader Printer and Scanner is a huge dollar item, but will be a great resource for anyone interested in doing some genealogy research and other things.

Hi children and adults,

I know sometimes the titles of these books are a little scary when you are deciding what should be read.  I want to let you know that I order books from the Junior Library Guild who have previewed the books and recommend them as appropiate for the age groups.  The Junior Library Guild is respected in the industry.  We place gold JLG stickers on the books when we get them ready for the shelves.  We do have a display of new books at the end of each row of shelves. 

For the Junior level this month, we have a new Crispin: the End of Time by Avi — the final book in the Newbery Medal-winning trilogy;  The Crowfield Curse by Pat Walsh — Will is sent into the forest to gather firewood for the medieval abbey and hears a cry for help  and finds a secret, What does this secret have to do with the Abbey?;  Zoobreak by Gordan Korman (a well-know author) — Cleo’s monkey goes missing and after a long search they find the monkey in a zoo with an evil zookeeper.  They are soon planning the biggest soobreak ever seen;  Ravenspeak by Diane Lee Wilson — Asa, the daughter of a proud Viking Chief, and her horse, Rune, must run from the clan’s wicked wise man.  Asa finds an old woman who speaks to her two pet raven and has a strange power with secrets; and several Horrible Harry short laugh-out-loud stores for the youngest juniors.  We have more new books coming and I will try to keep posting new junior books on this blog.

The youth books are purchased from the Junior Library Guild and have been reviewed as good material for Junior and Young Adults.  New young adult books include Fire Will Fall by Carol Plum-Ucci, a bioterrorist novel for teens;  What doesn’t kill you by Jan Grape, in which 2 teens, Cory and Ty-Ty, discover the body of a classmate and Ty-Ty becomes the suspect because he is Native American;  Boys Without Names by Kashmira Sheth, the story of a boy and his family escaping to Mumbai in hopes of finding work and a future, but Gopal is kidnapped and forced to work in a sweatshop, but makes plans to escape;  Toads and Diamonds by Heather Tomlinson, in which 2 sisters are granted gifts – one speaks diamonds and flowers, the other speaks toads and snakes – I am reading this one and loving it;  and How To Say Goodbye In Robot by Natalee Standiford; The Shadow Hunt, by Katherine Langrish, and Worldshaker by Richard Harland, both fantasy fiction;  three books by L. A. Meyer about an adventurer named Jacky Faber and the troubles she gets into;  Candor by Pam Bachorz (– in this town, you are what you hear).   There are more books for the Junior level that will be post on our weblog: