Hi children and adults,

I know sometimes the titles of these books are a little scary when you are deciding what should be read.  I want to let you know that I order books from the Junior Library Guild who have previewed the books and recommend them as appropiate for the age groups.  The Junior Library Guild is respected in the industry.  We place gold JLG stickers on the books when we get them ready for the shelves.  We do have a display of new books at the end of each row of shelves. 

For the Junior level this month, we have a new Crispin: the End of Time by Avi — the final book in the Newbery Medal-winning trilogy;  The Crowfield Curse by Pat Walsh — Will is sent into the forest to gather firewood for the medieval abbey and hears a cry for help  and finds a secret, What does this secret have to do with the Abbey?;  Zoobreak by Gordan Korman (a well-know author) — Cleo’s monkey goes missing and after a long search they find the monkey in a zoo with an evil zookeeper.  They are soon planning the biggest soobreak ever seen;  Ravenspeak by Diane Lee Wilson — Asa, the daughter of a proud Viking Chief, and her horse, Rune, must run from the clan’s wicked wise man.  Asa finds an old woman who speaks to her two pet raven and has a strange power with secrets; and several Horrible Harry short laugh-out-loud stores for the youngest juniors.  We have more new books coming and I will try to keep posting new junior books on this blog.

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