The library staff and many volunteers are steadily working through the process of changing all the barcodes on the books to match the new software called Alexandria.  We are on the down hill side of all the fiction.  We plan to have the web address for home use available by the end of July.  Thanks everyone for your patience with this major change.  We will also be changing your patron barcodes over to the new software soon.

A big thank you to all the volunteers that have been helping the library staff with the re-barcoding project:  Shirley Kinnison, JoAnn Knapp, Sharon Randall, Dorothy Griffith, Lorri Norberg, Emma Simpson, Halley Simpson, Jordan McDowell, Kelli Spires, Carol Walker, Karen McGown, Rosa-Ellen Williams, Cheryl Heidemann and Virginia McConzille.  If I forgot anyone, I apologize.  We would not be very far along with the project without all of you.

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