Public libraries are striving to keep up with all the technology that has been flying off the shelves while trying to stay within budget restraints.  The Kimball Public Library has subscribed to the OverDrive program since November 2010.  We are pleased about how many of you are taking advantage of this program.  OverDrive is a major distributor of eBooks and audiobooks in the Americas.  They started out in 1986, and in 2002 began offering subscriptions for public libraries to access their collection and offer it to the patrons.  Through a local library, a patron can access a few thousand books in downloadable form to computers and many mobile devices.  They are continually working to update the compatibility with more devices and are planning to work with the Kindle devices later this year.  To browse the offerings and see what devices are currently being supported go to OR

 If you are interested in accessing the eBooks and audiobooks, ask the library to sign you up. 

There are close to 70 libraries in Nebraska partnering with OverDrive.  The eBook collection began one year ago and there have been 16,762 checkouts on 1,740 titles.

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