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Money Smart Kimball is a group working with the library that has decided to continue providing financial information to the community.  Identity theft and scams are a big concern and …   It seems we need to watch out for everything.  Be alert.  Even insurance scams are out there.  Rule  #1-Never, Never give out personal information including SS#, bank account numbers, passwords, etc. over the phone to anyone.  The people who you can trust at the banks, SS office, etc. already have the information and will not ask you for it.

“It’s a hard, cold fact: fraudsters lie. That’s how they attempt to make money. They lie when they promise you “guaranteed” high returns with little or no risk. And they lie when they forget to mention that the company or product they’re touting doesn’t exist.”

A few months ago a few people met to decide whether to revive the Oral History Project or just finalize what had already been done.  This has been an on again, off again project for many years.

The decision was made to try to revive it.  People to do interviews were invited to have input.  Lists with names of local residents were reviewed and marked according to completed, in progress, or needed to be interviewed.  There is quite a list of people that could be interviewed to add depth to the collection.

A decision was made to include Banner County residents and the surrounding areas of Kimball County and into the other states.  The new name of the project is “Prairie Tales Oral History Project”.  Progress is being made and a few more interviews have been done.

The long-range plans of the project are to archive the materials and make them available to researchers for history and genealogy.  Members on the committee are from the Kimball Public Library, the Plains Genealogical Society, the Friends of the Kimball Public Library and the Plains Historical Museum.  It is great to have everyone working together to accomplish this goal.

People who would like to visit and do interviews are encouraged to contact Jan Sears at the library.   308-235-4523.   ‘Gatherings’ are held on the First Tuesday of each month to meet, ask questions and review the progress.

Leta is making plans for the Summer Reading Program 2013 “Dig Into Reading”.  She has a craft plan that needs empty paper towel rolls.  She needs 50 – 75, so if you can bring your empties to the library, we would really appreciate it.

The Kimball Public Library catalog login screen will look new to you.  I was surprised by it myself.  I think all the information is there though.  Just click until you find what you want.  You need your user name (10 digit card #) and your password, which is your last name unless you have changed the password.  We don’t keep track of passwords, so please write them down somewhere.  If you are having trouble with getting into the catalog or Overdrive, please let us know.

Tuesday April 23 was Money Smart Day at the Kimball Public Library.  The theme is “My Money, My Way”.  Three presentations included  “the whys and hows of setting up a budget and balancing a checkbook”, “tips on saving money with cooking”, and “tips on saving money with household chores”.  This financial literacy presentation was from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.  A light meal was provided. There will be handouts, information, hands-on work and tips on how to save money during the harder times.  Trivia prizes were won by all attendees — that was fun.

This event was sponsored by the FirsTier Bank, Points West Community Bank, Kimball State Bank, Kimball Area Foundation and the Kimball Public Library.  Plans are to do more of these events to continue providing financial information to the public.



Currently on display at the library are the 9 entries in the photo contest held jointly with the library and the HighPoint ShutterBug Photography Club for youth.   The contest is for ages 5-18 and they will be divided into 4 age groups.  The theme is “How Smart Is Your Pet?”  Contestants were to take a picture of their pet (or an animal) reading a book.  They used their imagination.  There will again be viewer’s choice and judged awards.  They will be on display through May.

COME IN AND VOTE for your favorite and smile at the captions.


The 2013 Summer Reading Program is gearing up.  Enrollment can be done now through the 29th at the library.

Exciting programs are scheduled for Wednesday mornings at 10:15 beginning May 29 through June 26.  The library is looking forward to presenting the programs.  May 29 is the kick-off with Shane Tucker, a paleontologist, speaking on fossils, especially ones found near Kimball.  Other programs will include Composting, saving money, and rocks.



Due to scheduling of work and preparing for the Summer Reading Program, there will be no Wednesday morning Story Time in May.

The Pre-schoolers can participate in the Summer Reading Program in June on the four Fridays at 10:15.

The Friends of the Kimball Public Library have hosted 2 excellent speakers during April.  The first was Jeff Barnes speaking on “To Live and Die On the Plains”.  His slide show was great and he has no problems talking for an hour on the many aspects of traveling through and settling the areas on the Western Plains of Nebraska.

Linda Hasselstrom is an author from South Dakota.  She was delightful to listen to and visit with.  Her poetry is very descriptive and her stories are so real, relating to her life and the lives of many others who live and work the land.

We have books in the library by both of these authors.