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Leta is making plans for after school programs on 2 Fridays each month.  The first one will be on Sept. 13th from 2:45 to 4:00.

RAG stands for Reading, Activities and Games.  Other dates are Sept. 27, Oct. 11, and 25, and Nov. 15.  She has picked a book for youth to read and give their thoughts.  A mini, informal youth book club.

The annual book sale that so many of you look forward to will be held on Sept. 28 from 11:00 (or right after the parade) to 3:00 in the library’s west room.  Come one, come all.  There are lots to choose from.  $5.00 for a sack full, the cheapest bargain in town.

Farmer’s Day is coming up quickly and volunteers, Sheri Robbins and JoAnn Knapp are planning a display on the history of the Lincoln Highway for your enjoyment.  There will be maps depicting the route through Kimball County and pictures of the roads and culverts


and underpasses.  There will also be pictures oLincoln Hwy markerf the automobiles that might have traveled through the county.  We think it will be a fun display.  There might be other activities, too. 1913 Carter Car Touring


There are many more ideas for using old books in the library and on the internet such a Pinterest.  Just type in keywords :  ‘crafts using old books’.

For children, maybe use pages out of colorful books to make a collage or modge-podge into a shape.  A bulletin board that is colorful and lots of other ideas.

sewing box


In an effort to recycle used book, the Library and the Friends of the Library are sponsoring a creative contest to use up old books — especially the ones that don’t sell in the books sale.



                The contest is open to all ages.  If there is enough interest, there will be a youth group and an adult group.

Use ideas from the books in the library, displays in the library, any ideas from the Internet, but make it your own creation.

  1. Purchase a brown paper sack of books for $5.00 from the Friends book sale room and create something out of them.
  2. Entry deadline is Oct. 1 (Tuesday) with $5.00 above (would go toward prizes)
  3. Projects will need to be done and brought to the library by Oct. 18
  4. Projects will be divided up by ages and/or categories depending on how many entries there are.
  5. Projects will be voted on for viewer’s choice and judged by a committee.
  6. Projects will be on display at the library until November 20, 2013



Lamps, bird houses, miniature furniture, tables (small), ornaments, paper dolls, journaling books, carvings and much, much more.



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