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The library will be closed this Friday, 4th and Saturday, 5th for the 4th of July Holiday.  We need a break.  🙂

See you next week.

Jan & Staff

The Kimball Public Library Board is in the process of raising money for new carpet for the whole library.  It will take at least $18,000.00 to accomplish this.  The last time carpet was installed in the main section was 20 years ago and it cost $3000.00.  Can you believe that difference?

There are 2 ways you can give and more opportunities later.  The first way is to ‘buy a book’.  For every $25.00 that you give, your name will be written on a book.  We need to sell 720 books to raise $18,000.00

The second way is to bring your Main Street Market grocery receipts to the library to be counted toward a donation from Main Street Market.  Many charities use these receipts to raise money for their organization.  It takes $100,000.00 in grocery receipts to raise $1,000.00.  The receipts add up quickly, but it will take a while.  We have about $6,000.00 now.



This year’s Summer Reading Program FIZZ BOOM READ! for grade school children is coming to a close with the wrap up party Going Out with a Bang on Wednesday. The children will use food science to make a fizzing sweet treat.

This was the highest attended SRP in the last three years with an average of 48 children each Wednesday for the programs. Sixty eight children signed up and it looks like 50% or more will reach their set reading goal. Children who reach their reading goal will be entered to win one of fifteen $529 NEST 529 College Savings Scholarships. Five will be awarded in our congressional district.

A BIG THANK YOU goes to all the presenters of our Summer Reading Program. They all made science fun and hopefully sparked a lot of interest in the many areas of science. Thanks to: Cynthia Gill, Taylor Evans, Jenn Dillinger, Kenneth and Vickie Mars, Leta Liesch and Larissa Binod.

Thanks also to college student Diane Baluska for volunteering her help each Wednesday as well as the following teens; Carley Schadegg, Kaden Adrian, Abigail Johnson, Jodell Schulte, Hannah Marks and Ethan Culek-Schaeffer. Thanks to all the parents, grandparents and caregivers who brought the kids each week and pitched in to help with the crafts.

FIZZ BOOM READ! for preschoolers ended Friday, June 27 but preschool parents can still bring in the reading activity chart by the end of July to earn a treat for your preschooler.

The teen reading program Spark a Reaction and the adult reading program Literary Elements will end July 2. Several teens have qualified for the first ever Kimball Library Lock In on July 18. Adults in the Summer Reading can come to the library and draw for a nice prize through July 11.