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The Friends of the Library have been working at cleaning up and rearranging the books that are for sale in the West Room.  The books are organized by author in the fiction section and by subject in the non-fiction section.  There are separate shelves for the large selection of audios and movies.  There is also a large selection of children and youth materials.  These items are on sale anytime the library is open. 

 The membership in the Kimball Public Library Friends of the Library is only $2.00/year.  Membership is always open and welcome.  You can join at the library, with any Friends member or at the annual meeting coming up on April 15, 2012.

The library has a good collection of juvenile audio books.  Audiobooks might provide a way to have a quiet time at home or in the car.  A few of the titles are “A Christmas Dream” by Louisa May Alcott;  “Adventure According to Humphrey” by Betty Birney;  “Blubber” by Judy Blume;  3 of “Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls” by Meg Cabot; “Woods Runner” by Gary Paulson;  and “Down the Yukon” by Will Hobbs.  There are others by good children’s authors — Andrew Clements, Ann Martin, and Sharon Creech.

So, to spend a little time on my soap box, here are some thoughts.  There are so many reasons to keep libraries open and available, especially in harder times.  Citizens are trimming their budgets too.  The library provides information to all levels of interest and needs.  Libraries provide: computers which provide access to job openings, job applications and continuing education;  access to testing such as ACT, SAT, ASVAB & more; court systems; tax information; political information; health information and a host of other opportunities.  I hear comments weekly from library users about how important the library is to them and to our Kimball area community.  I thank the community and our city officials who support the library.  Okay, I’m off the soap box.

The Early Literacy Station has arrived and is working.  This computer contains educational games for children ages 2-10.  It has a colored keyboard coded for vowels, consonants and numbers.  Everybody who has seen the keyboard wants one.  It is available for use now, but parents must accompany their children, especially the younger ones.  We hope the community will take advantage of this wonderful service.  The funds to purchase this great tool for children came from the Friends of the Library, Points West Bank, Firstier Bank, and the Community Garage Sale.   Thank you to all of you.

Kimball Public Library has entered into a DVD Movie sharing program through the Panhandle Library System.  The library will receive a collection of 25 DVDs every three months.  Then the collection is passed on to another library and we will receive a new collection from another library.  This program will provide a few good family, classic, western, non-fiction, children and adult movies to the public that we normally can’t afford to purchase.  The movies will be kept behind the desk to keep them separate from the library’s permanent collection.  The check-out period will be 3 days.  Late fees and lost copies policies will be observed. 

A few of the Movie titles for this quarter are Charlie’s Angles, Titanic, Clifford – A Big Help, Elmo in Grouchland, Pale Rider, Field of Dreams, Man in the Moon, White Fang, and non-fiction:  Bizarre Foods, Finding Hope in Recovery.

It’s Christmas at the Kimball Public Library!  Our Christmas present is the newly arrived ST View Scan machine that takes the place of the 1983 Microfilm Reader Printer.  The ST View Scan machine is computer software driven with the capability of looking at microfilm and microfiche negatives, scanning photographs and slide negatives, and scanning documents.  The machine is for public use.  One of the functions of the machine is viewing Western Nebraska Observer microfilm and other microfilm from many sources — including genealogy records from other states through InterLibrary Loan programs, other newspapers, etc.  In the newspaper one can find obituaries, birth announcements (not birth records), wedding pictures, old ads, a huge variety or articles such as fires, construction of new buildings, award winners, and anything to do with history of the area.  At a birthday or anniversary celebration, one could print off the front page of the newspaper for the recipient of what happened on their special day and present it to them. 

Another use for the machine is to scan old 35 mm slides, save to a flash drive and/or print them off on photo paper or regular paper.  Old slides and negatives in various sizes can be scanned also.  Documents such as marriage licenses, awards, old letters that you might want to save and share with family, and more can be scanned and saved or printed.  If you are scrapbooking and need more copies, you might want to consider this.  We are thinking this new machine is a huge asset to the library and the community.

Your library can offer free talking books and magazines for any one with visual or physical disabilities.  This is another service available through the Nebraska Library Commission.  The talking book machines can be requested at the library and then audio books can be ordered from the Library Commission in Lincoln and returned at your convenience.  If you would like to try this free service or know anybody who would like to try it, please contact us at the library in person, by phone, or by e-mail (  We would be glad to assist.  There is a brief application to fill out, mostly about your interests.

There is also another service that some of you might want to check into that I just read about.  I haven’t researched it yet, but it sounds good.  It is Radio Talking Books, partnered with NET.  They offer larger newspapers read to you over the internet as well as audio books and magazines.  You can check it out at and contact them for more information and application.