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This year’s Summer Reading Program FIZZ BOOM READ! for grade school children is coming to a close with the wrap up party Going Out with a Bang on Wednesday. The children will use food science to make a fizzing sweet treat.

This was the highest attended SRP in the last three years with an average of 48 children each Wednesday for the programs. Sixty eight children signed up and it looks like 50% or more will reach their set reading goal. Children who reach their reading goal will be entered to win one of fifteen $529 NEST 529 College Savings Scholarships. Five will be awarded in our congressional district.

A BIG THANK YOU goes to all the presenters of our Summer Reading Program. They all made science fun and hopefully sparked a lot of interest in the many areas of science. Thanks to: Cynthia Gill, Taylor Evans, Jenn Dillinger, Kenneth and Vickie Mars, Leta Liesch and Larissa Binod.

Thanks also to college student Diane Baluska for volunteering her help each Wednesday as well as the following teens; Carley Schadegg, Kaden Adrian, Abigail Johnson, Jodell Schulte, Hannah Marks and Ethan Culek-Schaeffer. Thanks to all the parents, grandparents and caregivers who brought the kids each week and pitched in to help with the crafts.

FIZZ BOOM READ! for preschoolers ended Friday, June 27 but preschool parents can still bring in the reading activity chart by the end of July to earn a treat for your preschooler.

The teen reading program Spark a Reaction and the adult reading program Literary Elements will end July 2. Several teens have qualified for the first ever Kimball Library Lock In on July 18. Adults in the Summer Reading can come to the library and draw for a nice prize through July 11.

The Summer Reading Program “Dig Into Reading” continues this week with “The Dirt on Dirt: Composting” with Larissa Binod and Danessa Terril.  Next week is Jennifer Provance with “Digging Up Green”.  The programs are at 10:15 and children are still able to sign up at the library.  The summer is going fast already.

The adult Summer Reading group is reading and making recommendations about the books.  The slips are filled out and left in the books for others to r.  We have many new books on the display area and a good sized shipment just arrived.DSCN0042

DSCN0029Highway salvage paleontologist Shane Tucker will be speaking about the recent incredible fossil finds in Kimball County and the Panhandle on Wednesday, May 29 @ 7:00 p.m. at the Kimball Public Library as part of special events associated with the Summer Reading Program.

Both talks by Shane Tucker on paleontology were fascinating and well received.  There were 42 children and 8 adults for his SRP morning talk.  The children were very attentive.  There was a good crowd at the evening talk with lots of questions.  He seems to thoroughly enjoy his work and enjoys sharing his experiences with others.

The adult summer reading activity with the theme “Between the Covers” was well attended.  18 adults read books and gave brief reports about the books.  There is a notebook on one of the tables that has all the reports.

A few of the adult participants met on June 27 and shared their stories, had refreshments and received their prizes.  There was some talk about starting a book club.  Anyone interested?

Thank you to all the volunteers and parents who helped Leta and the rest of the staff with the extra work the programs entail.  We finished the “Dream Big, READ”, program with 75 registered children ages 5-11.  And Leta deserves an extra star for all the efforts she went to. 

The final youth Summer reading program was fun for the children.  The “campout” was held in the community room with a tent and children brought blankets and sleeping bags to use while listening to Leta read stories, campfire songs were sung and then we all had hotdogs out on the lawn.  Thank you the Mars family for the use of the tent and to the Friends of the Library for providing the hotdogs and buns.

The Summer Reading Programs for all ages started  Wed., May 30.  The program for the children, ages 5-11 is at 10:15 will Officer Loy and Fritz.  Other ages are always welcome to attend.  Sign-up for all the programs is ongoing. 

To date, 6/4/12, we have 56 children, 12 teens and 18 adults.  Wonderful!

The next program is on Night Creatures, Wed. June 6.  June 13 is “Space, The Final Frontier;  June 20 is Dream Jobs with guest, Colton Daum talking about being a pilot; and the last one is June 27 with “Camp Out!”

It is not too late to sign up. 


This week will wrap up the 2011 summer reading program of “One World, Many Stories” for the children.  There were 34 children registered.   We want to thank everyone who registered and the presenters, Carol Walker for presenting the Australia program, Ada Welsh from the Theater Group, and Karen Beguin who presented the Egypt tour.  Thanks also to all the citizens who donated ice-cream buckets and oatmeal boxes.  The children made drums out of these items.  There were 13 Teens, and 12 Adults registered in their individual programs.  The wrap up events for the Adults will be on Monday, July 11, 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. and for the teens will be on Tuesday, July 12, 4:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Hi adults and teens,

We have something for you also.  All you have to do is sign-up by June 13 and read books.  You then turn in a very brief book report and that will make you eligible for prizes at the end of the program in July.  The only rules are that you have to be signed up and read books checked out from the Kimball Public Library.   The wrap-up programs with be July 11 for Teens and July 12 for Adults.  The adults can share about the books they read and if they were good or not.

The library is getting ready for the Summer Reading Program.  The first session will be on June 13 at 10 a.m. sharp.  The musical program will follow the summer reading 2011 theme “One World, Many Stories”.  David Marsh will provide music from around the world using many instruments and uplifting and humorous songs and stories to entertain all of us.  Children who are under 5 years old may also attend this program.   David is the first musician to work with the Nebraska Humanities Council and has done over 100 musical programs for youth.  We are excited to kick off the Summer Reading Program with his talents.