Sep 232022
The kids will love this story of chickens who begin to communicate by scratching notes in the dirt. If you have ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a chicken, here’s your chance! Great fun!
Just when I thought it was safe…the story caught me off guard. It was a lovely nod to family and belonging. A 5 Star read!

Oh, so good. The characters were great and the emotions felt on key. The descriptions of the food…..sigh.

Sparkling repartee, sincere sisterly love, and books, books, books. Grief and love are beautifully described. Complicated characters who refuse to be the villains demonstrate what real love and acceptance look like.

Set in the 1960s, this epistolary novel chronicles a truly wonderful friendship between women of different generations. It was a lovely story with fabulous characters. The author carefully dropped in historical events and reactions which would have been true to the time. The food descriptions are divine. Prepare to be hungry.

The murderbot version of Number 5! Fun, smart, and short. The characters were unique. The pacing was fantastic and the humor perfect.
Jan 202022
Whether you are looking for books to beat the Winter blahs or have signed up for a dizzying array of book challenges: this book has a great plot with lots of action and a decent amount of character growth. It is the second in the Peter Ash series but you can start here if you so choose.
This was a fun cozy mystery set in a small town bookstore. Every small town has its secrets, rivalries, and past. There is a bit of sweet romance too.
A contemporary, more open-door romance for the booklover with hermit tendencies…
The first book of Riordan’s I have ever read. Don’t judge me. I don’t need to recommend these as they fly off the shelf. His latest gives a respectful and loving nod to the novels of Jules Verne in this undersea adventure of teen protagonist’s trying to save the world! It was so fun!
This has been requested so many times by my Preschool friends that I just bought them their own copy. It is funny and has great illustrations.
This graphic novel is beloved by our Teen patrons and for good reason. It has a great sense of atmosphere and adventure with a light touch of romance.