Eclipse Glasses from NASA

We will have eclipse glasses again on Friday, 8/17/2017.  Anyone that is needing a pair or concerned with the quality of the ones they have (from us or not) is welcome to bring in their old pair for a replacement so long as we have them available.

Donations are still welcome.

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Possible Bad Solar Glasses

If you got solar glasses from us which are not branded with “Farmers and Merchants Bank” they may not be safe for long term use.  Please bring back your other glasses and we will trade them for a proper pair as long as we have them.

Sorry about this, I understand if this upsets you, I am not pleased myself.


Eclipse Viewing Glasses

available at the Webermeier Memorial Library 617 2nd St.   In the city park.

The solar eclipse will begin at 11:37 AM, August 21, 2017, and totality will occur at 1:03 PM. To watch this historic event safely, you need protective glasses intended to filter the light of the sun, normal sunglasses are not sufficient.

Donations are appreciated to help cover costs.