Services during the Systems transition

Services are no longer going to be provided from the NELS office in Columbus. Until a director for Three Rivers Library System has been hired, contact Gail Formanack at the Eastern Library System office for assistance. The phone number is (402) 330-7884 and email is Gail will be available on a part-time basis as she works with coordinating transition activities of TRLS and consulting with the member libraries as needed.

A website for TRLS is currently in development, but can be found at

The TRLS board is working hard on hiring a director for TRLS, with first round interviews scheduled for January. The position will remain open until filled. What I can tell you is it will not be me. I have accepted a position as the Assistant Director of the Morton-Mandan public library in Mandan, North Dakota and I begin there next month.

I greatly enjoyed the two years I spent as Director of the Northeast Library System and wish everyone the best in the new year and Three Rivers Library System

~ Sarah Warneke


December Strategic Planning Workshop

There will be a strategic planning workshop on December 10 from 10am-1pm at the Columbus Pubic Library. We will be on the second floor in the large auditorium room. Since this is over the lunch hour, snacks will be provided and lunch will be on your own after the workshop.

Call the office or use the form below to register. Both staff and board members are encouraged to attended. Please register by Friday, Decemer 5.

Annual Meeting Handouts and Resources

Here are handouts and resources from the Annual Meeting on September 25.

40 Tech Tips and Tricks

ALA Review

Nonfiction Reader’s Advisory booklist

Transforming Life after 50

Creative Aging Toolkit

Genealogy 101

Genealogy web sites

Summer Reading Smackdown


If you’d like to view the powerpoint, let Sarah know at

Regional Systems Merger Documents

Please review these documents before the special meeting of the Northeast Library System on October 9 at 4:30pm during the NLA/NSLA conference at the Marina Conference Center in South Sioux City.

You do not have to be registered for the conference to attend this meeting. For this meeting, multiple staff from each library are welcome to attend, but each library can only have one vote.

Per legal requirements, you will also be receiving a copy of these documents in the mail.

NELS members have two documents that will be voted on, the Plan of Merger and the Amended Articles of Incorporation.

The NELS board voted to bring both of these documents to a vote by the member libraries. These documents have also been reviewed by an attorney that NELS and Eastern Library System (ELS) have been working with during the reorganization process. ELS will also be conducting a vote on the plan of merger.

NELS needs to vote on the Amended Articles because of the legal process NELS and ELS have chosen to take. The boards of both systems (as well as the seven potential board directors of the new system) see this reorganization as a merger of equals. However, as a practical matter, it is easier legally for one of the Systems to merge into the other, rather than for both to shut down and start over.   This will allow the new system to continue under the Northeast System’s 501(c)(3) status without having to re-apply to the IRS for that designation.

To Clarify:

If these documents are approved, NELS and ELS will merge into one new system with a new geographical border on January 1, 2015. If the documents are not approved, the systems will continue as they are until December 31, 2014, after which they will no longer receive funding from the Nebraska Library Commission unless another plan can be worked out.

ELS will be absorbed into the NELS, and the NELS will amend its Articles of Incorporation (see above attached document) to include the new territory which will have a new name.

A new 7-member board of directors will take office on Jan 1, 2015, and will govern the Three Rivers Library System. They will establish by-laws providing for the ongoing election of board members. Annual meetings will begin in 2015.

If you have any questions before the special meeting, please email Sarah at or call the office at 402-564-1586.

NELS Grant Opportunity

NELS is offering a limited number of grants up to $750 on a first come basis. These grants can be used for anything beyond what your normal budget would cover. All you have to do is fill out the application below and send it to Judy Hagan at

2014 Grant NELS

All applications must be received by October 15, 2014.


Register for the 2014 NELS Annual Meeting

Registration is now open for the 2014 Annual Meeting. This year’s meeting will be slightly different from previous meetings as it is not being held in conjunction with the system ESUs. The format will be the same, but there will be 2 breakout sessions instead of 4 like last year.

2014 Annual Meeting Flyer

Register here.

Registration must be received by 5pm on September 17.