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Hendy-Ogier Auto Company

Originally published to on March 26, 2021. Our History Series looks back over 100 years ago to… February 27th, 1912 a partnership was formed when Edwin Ogier and William Hendy leased the LeMasters garage at 215 East 6th, North Platte, Nebraska They formed a partnership to sell cars, specifically Ford automobiles. In case you […]

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Early Radio in North Platte

Originally posted to on January 22, 2021. Today‚Äôs Look at History focuses on the early days of radio here in North Platte. Radio broadcasting was the cheapest form of entertainment, and it provided the public with far better entertainment than most people were accustomed to. As a result, its popularity grew rapidly in the […]

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Irrigation Fair

Originally published on on October 23, 2020. We are starting a new series on FB called Throwback Fridays! Each Friday, we will post pictures of historic North Platte and share a little local history behind the picture. This first post features an Irrigation Fair taking place in downtown North Platte on Tuesday, October 13, […]

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