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Microfilm in the library collection is available to view in the library only. The library does not loan out microfilm.

If you would like to borrow newspapers on microfilm, please contact your local library to inter-loan microfilm from the Nebraska State Historical Society.

The Society has many newspapers on microfilm dating from the territorial past to present time.

Pictured above is Bob and Hap Miles working on the paper in basement of the First National Bank Building where the newspaper was located from 1904 to 1955.    (Photo courtesy of Holt County Independent) 

Holt County Newspapers on Microfilm

The following are the newspapers that the O’Neill Public Library has on microfilm. These films can be viewed at the library on our Minolta Microfilm Reader with Printer.

  • Holt County Record June 16, 1879 to July 23, 1881
  • The Frontier September 30, 1880 to May 8, 1969
  • Holt County Banner April 25, 1882 to February 19, 1884 – Some editions missing
  • O’Neill Tribune June 9, 1887 to April 3, 1890
  • O’Neill Sun July 28, 1892 to September 30, 1897
  • The Holt County Independent December 2, 1892 to March, 2013
  • Holt County Democrat October 25, 1907 to February 26, 1909
  • Chambers Sun July 14, 1892 to September 30, 1948
  • Home Rule & Ainsworth Herald July 28, 1892 to March 28, 1901
  • Page Reporter April 25, 1882 to February 19, 1884

Websites & Other Genealogy Resources

  • Holt County Historical Society

This site provides the location, contact information and the hours of the Holt County Historical Society. Information is also available on historical publications, Holt County postcards, the Moses P. Kincaid Law Office Museum, where the society resides and additional links to genealogical sites.

  • Nebraska State Historical Society

The Nebraska State Historical Society provides a great deal of information about Nebraska and its history including historical sites and markers, maps, newspapers, photographs, cemetery registers and much more.

NebraskAccess My Heritage Link

The Nebraska Library Commission provides access to My Heritage, which has census records as well as other resources helpful for genealogy research. You must be a Nebraska resident to access this database. Login information verifies that you are a resident and is not used for identification purposes.  A new NebraskAccess password is issued on April 1 and October 1 of each year.  Please contact the library for your current NebraskAccess password. You may also use your Nebraska Driver’s License Number or State Identification Number to access My Heritage  through NebraskAccess.


Check out our online catalog  and click on My Heritage. You will need to be logged into your account, to access the databases. The catalog is also a great asset where you can search for books and materials in our library’s online collection.

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