Lending Policies


Who May Use the Library

The library will serve all members of the community.

Use of the library may be denied for due cause, such as failure to return materials, pay penalties, destruction of library property, causing a disturbance in the library, or other objectionable conduct on library premises.

Any patron who has three of more offenses will be banned from checking out any additional material. Steps in this eviction are as follows:

  first offense-1 month eviction

  second offense-2 month eviction

  third offense- 6 month eviction

Open Hours


Hours are subject to change due to the needs of the community. Changes will be posted in prominent locations.

Currently those hours are: Monday 2-6; Wednesday 2-7; Thursday 2-6; Saturday


The library will be closed on the following holidays: January 1, Memorial Day,

July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, December 24, 25. Advance notice will be posted in prominent locations.

The library may be closed at the librarian’s discretion in case of inclement weather. The library board president should be notified of the closing. Patrons

are encouraged to call the librarian before coming when questionable weather prevails.

Food and Drinks


There will be no smoking in the library. Food and drinks are at the librarian’s


 Dress requirements and restrictions


Shirt and shoes are required in the library. Wet swim suits and roller blades are not allowed in the library.

Lending Period


Books may be borrowed for two weeks. Periodicals may be borrowed for one week. Movies, DVD and VHS, may be borrowed for three days with the option for renewal on all materials of one time. Renewals may be done by phone, or in person.

No more than five books/ videos may be checked out by any individual without prior approval of the librarian.

The librarian may determine that encyclopedias and certain other reference books, will, or will not be, loaned out.


Inter-library Loan

The charge for inter -library loan may be passed on to the patron. Currently, the only charge is to pay for the postage.


Persons wishing to register a complaint may fill out a complaint form. The library board will review the complaint at their next meeting.

Fines, Lost or Damaged Items


Fines shall be charged on overdue books at the rate of five cents per calander day. The fine charged will not exceed the cost of the book.

Lost books must be paid by the borrower. If it is a book purchased within the last five years, the purchase price shall be charged. If it is an older book, the charge will be $1.00 for children’s books and $1.50 for older books. If it is a well worn book, the librarian should use her own  discretion.

Borrowers will be charged replacement cost for any damaged book.

If an item is not returned within three months, the borrower will be billed at replacement cost. 


Video Cassettes and DVD’s


Videos will be loaned out for a period of 3 days. Fines shall be charged on overdue videos at the

rate of 0.25 cents per calendar day. The fine charged will not exceed the cost of the video.

 Any patron who has a book or video that is two or more weeks overdue may not check out any additional materials until all fines are paid and materials are returned.

Lost videos/DVD’s must be replaced by the borrower, if possible. If it is not possible to replace the video, the borrower must pay the purchase price, if purchased within the past 2 years. If the video was purchased prior to the last two years, the Library Board will determine an appropriate price.


Computer Use

Computers are available for use under the direct supervision of the librarian.


Gifts of used books will be accepted on the condition that the library has the right to keep what is deemed useful and dispose of the rest.

Gifts of new books should be cleared with the librarian before purchase, or purchased through the librarian.

Gifts of money will be accepted if the conditions attached to the gift are acceptable to the Library Board.

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