Plainview Public Library

209 N Pine St., Plainview, NE


Written By: Donna Christiansen

Use of the bulletin boards and display panels in the public areas of the library shall be according to the following rules.
The library staff will determine what may be posted and where according to the priorities and restrictions given here and other considerations including available space, size of the item and how long the item is to be posted. Final decision on the display of any item shall belong to the Library Director.

Bulletin board materials may be submitted for posting by nonprofit organizations for civic, educational, or cultural purposes. Such organizations may submit literature publicizing a specific event. Limited space generally allows only short-term notices. The director must approve all postings and may prohibit postings which do not meet library standards. Library staff will place and remove postings promptly.

1. Library and City of Plainview official notices
2. Library public relations, including program publicity and library awareness
3. Information about coming literary and cultural events
4. Program publicity for non-commercial organizations
5. Health and safety awareness
6. Other

RESTRICTIONS (the following kinds of material may not be posted)
1. Political advertising. However, announcements of nonpartisan or bipartisan informational events such as candidates’ forums, debates, etc., are encouraged.
2. Publicity for any religious program or event not having broad local multidenominational appeal.

Each item posted must be dated and signed. A request for return of items, along with name and telephone number of person to be contacted, should be printed on the back of each article. Unless such arrangements are specified, items must be picked up the day following the date of the publicized event if the owners want them returned. Otherwise, the library will not be responsible for returning materials.

Adopted by the Library Board on 6/1/15